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School Spirit and History

Pauma School has been in existence since 1908. For over 110 years, Pauma School has been a stable and critical entity within in the Pauma Valley community. Pauma School is rich in history, culture and traditions. A large number of community residents have attended Pauma School over the course of its establishment with education reaching out and touching the lives of generations.

Little Red School House

In the early years, Pauma School was a portable schoolhouse, known as "The Little Red School House.” It was moved by mules to different locations within Pauma Valley, depending on where the local children were residing. In a time when there was no standardized testing, the educational system of 1908 was focused on the fundamentals for life. It was designed for the industrial age of the 20th century that was coming anew.

As the years continued, Pauma School changed from the Little Red School House to a permanent structure in 1937. It is still standing and known today as building A and building B.

Pauma School 1940s

Pauma School has gone through many changes over the past 110 years and it is continuing to change. However, the heart beat and focus of the community remains the same as it was in 1908 - it is all about our children!

A quote from P.T Barnum, “To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter.” It is the voices in education - the people who have dedicated their time, patience, support and themselves to our Pauma children by their hard work, hours of work, caring and loving nature.

Pauma Reading

Over time, this once “Little Red School House” was a place sought to educate. However, overtime, with the heart and love of the staff, families and children, it has become more than a place. It has become the heartbeat of the community.

Thank you to all our families, children and staff, both past and present, who have made Pauma School more than a school - it’s a place children come to with that sparkle in their eye and learn the love for learning while learning that they are loved.Woodshop Class
Pauma Sports
Pauma Band